100% Organic Cotton - pink melange 250g


Colour: pink melange (natural red)
Quantity: 250g (5 of 50g balls in a bag)

Organic cotton yarn spun by the top family run enterprise in Italy.

This has been ecologically dyed using rose madder, sometimes referred to as Rose Madder Genuine, the crushed root of the Common Madder plant [Rubia Tinctorium]. The ancient Egyptians used rose madder to create pinkish rose-colored textile dyes. The Colour Index name used by paint and textile chemists for Rose Madder is Natural Red 9 (NR9).

There may be a degree of colour fading which you can mitigate by hand washing with a natural soap or wool care product (e.g. Soak™) at 30° and drying flat out of the sun!

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