Rosewood DPNs

Rosewood [Dalbergia latifolia] is an important species in India and its sale is strictly regulated by the Government; these magnificent trees cannot be cut down without the permission of the forest department. The wood for these beautiful needles comes from coffee estates and government forest reserves; where trees have died and are reborn as you see here.

These knitting needles are a joy to use, light and flexible (in the smaller sizes) with a sharp tip. They have been lovingly polished to enhance the natural wood grain and have a polyurethane top coat for a smooth finish.

These needles are all hand-made by a micro-company from responsibly sourced Indian rosewood and as such there will be slight variations which should be considered a characteristic rather than a flaw. They are also hand-stamped with metric and USA equivalent sizes.

We offer three lengths of DPN (double pointed needle), ideal for socks, glove fingers, hats, sweaters, jumpers, pullovers, sleeves and many other projects. Knitting in the round is hugely popular but not everyone enjoys using circular needles, sometimes, knitting sleeves or the tops of hats is just plain easier using DPNs.

Here you will find sets of 5 DPNs (double pointed needles):

• 5in (12.75cm) long from 2.75mm (UK 12 / US 2) to 5mm (UK 6 / US 8)

• 7in (17.75cm) long from 3.25mm (UK 10 / US 3) to 10mm (UK 000 / US 15) and

• 10in (25.5cm) long from 2.75mm (UK 12 / US 2) to 10mm (UK 000 / US 15).