Yarn Swift - Large Umbrella Style Wool Winder


Hand-made by the same micro-company that make our glorious Rosewood and Subabul knitting needles, our large umbrella yarn swifts are a wonderful addition to any knitters arsenal! An absolute must for spinners and those of you who love to buy skeins of wool and yarn, they help make winding the wool into balls (or cakes) a real treat. Fabulous to use with rotary arm ball winders, a great bonus is that these incredibly useful swifts simply fold down after use making storage easier.

Ideal gift for yourself or the knitter in your life. A lovely Mother's Day or birthday treat.

  • Large wool yarn swift
  • Integral table clamp
  • Fully adjustable with six arms
  • Suitable for skeins with circumferences of 75cm to 203cm (approx 30in to 80in)
  • Sturdy robust construction
  • Dimensions: Closed 72cm long x 16cm circumference (approx. 28½in by 6¼in) [previous models 78cm long]

“This winder is slightly more expensive that some on offer but it is beautifully made and is strong and sturdy. I don't want to spend a lesser amount but have to replace it sooner, I also want something beautiful to look at - this is it.”

“I've had this over a year now and I've had no issues whatsoever. I'm not always that careful, and this has stood up to being used probably a few times a week with no issues at all. It's BIG, and easy to use. Looks great in my front window attached to the sill while I'm not using it, so that passing knitters can coo over it!”

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  • Model: swift
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