Ultra Fine Lace Blocking Wires - silver tone


Ultra Fine Blocking Wires are designed especially for lace weight and light fingering weight lace work. These are perfect for delicate lace pieces, and are so flexible they can even handle a scalloped edge without damaging the wire! With these wires you'll be blocking your hand knitted and crocheted items more easily and faster than with traditional methods. Using just a couple of wires and some T-pins, your work will look amazingly professional after blocking.

These wires stand apart from anything else on the market today. Made from a super-elastic wire with seemingly magical flexibility, these blocking wires will not rust, tarnish, corrode, or easily kink. They will not stain your knitting, and will last for many, many, many years! You can arch and curve these wires as you need, and they will always return to straight. This special property allows these wires to be used over and over again without weakening from repeated bending and straightening.

    Set contains:
  • six 36” wires with tip protectors
  • six 24” wires with tip protectors
  • six 12” wires with tip protectors
  • thirty nickel plated T pins

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