Yarn Pet


Yarn Pet™. Hardwood construction, base measures 4 x 6 in. Can hold yarn balls and domeatic ball winder made cakes of yarn. Has an integrated adjustable tensioner and yarn guide. 6 ¾ in tall rod with a 3/16 in diameter.

  • This device allows the knitter to work from the outside of the ball, resulting in effortless and tangle-free knitting
  • Holds your yarn on a small circular platform that is connected to 6 ¾ in tall yarn guide rod
  • The platform and ball turn freely for easy knitting
  • Adjustable tensioning post
  • Horizontal access of yarn eliminates unintended twisting of the yarn

The unit comes complete with a 4" x 6" Maple hardwood base, an adjustable guide, a stainless steel rod (3 different lengths are available), 2 shaft collars, an Allen Wrench, and a wooden disk. It is easy for you to assemble and take apart. Perfect for putting in your project bag.

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