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Why you should wash your bras every two days


After two wears

It doesn't sound like much, but Kelly Dunmore, lingerie expert for Rigby & Peller, is adamant. "The crease in your bust and the area under your arms are hot, sweaty environments. Cleaning after every two wears, possibly three, is ideal," she says.

Avoid machine washing, as activity in the drum will ruin elasticity and shorten its useable life (which should be at least 12 months).

Handwash instead, then let the bra drip dry at room temperature, as heat from a radiator or tumble dryer destroys Lycra. The handwash Soak (£15 for a year's supply from cleans bras without the need to rinse them.

Add a small amount to a clean sink filled with lukewarm water. Soak the bra for ten minutes, wring dry, then dry flat.

Full India Sturgis article here. Published Daily Mail, Femail 4 February 2015

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